"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."
– Andrew Still, founder of Osteopathy

A new baby is the most wonderful thing in the world but it can also be frustrating and tiring, challenging and lonely. This is especially true if baby is fractious, sleepless or suffering feeding difficulties.  Motherhood can be a worrying time if baby fails to thrive or is always falling ill.

The Pinder Room is a paediatric osteopathic clinic dedicated to babies and children. Many mothers also find  osteopathy very effective in alleviating the common problems of pregnancy and the post natal period. It is also effective in addressing some of the common problems of childhood.

Osteopaths take a holistic approach, viewing the body as a single dynamic unit of function. Your body possesses the capacity to heal itself and your practitioner is the catalyst for this process to occur.

All members of the family may benefit from osteopathic treatment.

(Please welcome Gemma Rice BSc DO who  joined The Pinder Room in June 2016. If you would like to book to see Gemma, she can be contacted on 07901 970481)


If you are considering osteopathy, and you are not sure whether it would be suitable for you and your child, I am happy to speak with you.
Contact me on 01628 471890.

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